Barcelona Airport Taxi

Barcelona Airport, also known as El Prat (BCN), is Spain’s second busiest and largest airport. If there isn’t much traffic on the streets, a cab ride from Barcelona Airport to the city center takes roughly 20 minutes. The city of Barcelona is around 17 kilometers from the airport.

Once you’ve started your journey, take the C-31 exit and then the B-10 exit until you reach Passeig Josep Carner. Finally, you’ll take local roads to arrive to your destination’s specific location.

The Best Airport Taxis in Barcelona

After a long travel, wasting time in a crowded airport is difficult and exhausting. The taxi services of BCN Airport are the perfect alternative if you want a personalized, pleasant, and quick transfer. Avoid extra charges from local taxi drivers by booking your Barcelona airport taxi ahead of time. Your personal driver will greet you in the arrivals area and transport you to your car, which will be positioned just outside the airport facility. Furthermore, he will assist you with your bags. You simply take pleasure in the nice experience of being at the airport.

In Barcelona, a cab transfer is a convenient and enjoyable way to go around the city.

Taxi from the airport to the hotel in Barcelona

A cab is the best option for getting from Barcelona Airport (BCN) to your accommodation in a safe and quick manner. You will not only save carrying your bags up the train station’s steps, but you will also arrive at your hotel on time, even if you are traveling late at night.

The cost of a taxi from Barcelona Airport

Transfers from Barcelona airport cabs are not priced in advance. The cost of getting from Barcelona Airport (BCN) to the city center is approximately 35€ during the day and 42€ at night.