Athens Airport Bus
Athens Airport Bus
Athens Airport Bus

Athens Airport Bus

You can access Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos via four different bus lines. They include X93, X95, X96 and X97. All these buses can help passengers to get connected with the Athens greater area.

If the flat taxi fares seem a little too expensive then you should consider taking the bus as a cheaper alternative. Although this ride will take longer than a dedicated taxi that shuttles you from the airport to your exact destination, it’s perfect for the cost-conscious traveler.

Another perk of taking a bus to Athens is that many of the available routes from the airport operate 24 hours per day, so you can usually always find a ride into the city. But be sure to check your specific route before deciding to take the bus because not all of them operate 24 hours, and some don’t run at all from midnight and early morning.

To find the buses at the airport, after you’ve landed and collected your luggage simply head to the Arrivals area and you’ll find the bus stops between Exits 3 and 4.

Purchasing tickets for the bus is an easy process; find the kiosks that are located by Exit 3. It may have a staff member there but not always. Either way, pick your route and pay for the journey in euros. It’s helpful to arrive at the airport with Euro coins in addition to bills, because it’s preferable to pay the exact price for the ticket rather than try to make change.

Many people who are looking to save their money to spend it in the city rather than on travel during their vacation use the buses primarily because of their affordability. Ticket prices for a one-way trip will naturally vary based on your final destination, but as a general guide you can expect to pay about €5 one-way, which is much cheaper than taking a taxi.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the available bus routes to Athens:

X95 bus: This service will take you from the airport into the center of Athens to Syntagma Square, an area where many tourists stay because it is home to a lot of hotels. Expect this ride to take roughly one hour, and it operates at least three times per hour from the airport.

X96 bus: Use this service to get to the port city of Piraeus that is located near to Greece, and is a fantastic tourist destination of its own because of its gorgeous seafront views and amazing fish restaurants. It departs the airport roughly every 30 minutes, and the ride takes about 1.5 hours.

X92 bus: This is the bus that will take you to Kifissia, a suburban area which is located to the north of Athens. It operates between every 45 minutes to an hour, starting at 5am and with the last bus leaving at 11.45pm, and every 90 minutes to two hours in the middle of the night.

X93 bus: Tourists take this bus when they need to get to Kifisos Station, which is the bus station located in Athens that connects to other intercity bus routes. It usually leaves the airport every 40 minutes, but from midnight to 4.15am it only runs roughly every hour.

X97 bus: Taking this bus will get you directly from the airport to Dafni Metro Station, and the service runs roughly every 50 minutes from 6am to 10pm, and every 90 minutes at all other times.