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Arriving in a new country can be a bit disorienting, especially if you’ve just hopped off a long flight. Getting in to Athens is sometimes intimidating for first time visitors, but thankfully, there’s plenty of tips and tricks to make your trip start smoothly. Most importantly, you’ll have to find your way into the city. The most recommended way to get into the city center is by taxi. There are buses and trains available, but these systems can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with them. Plus, Athens has a well-regulated taxi system, so you can be sure to get to your final destination quickly and safely.

Taxi stands are located in designated areas outside of Arrivals, as well as outside Exit 3. You won’t be able to miss it, as there will probably be several yellow taxis waiting in a row. These are the only authorized places to call a taxi, as these drivers are specially regulated and approved to transport passengers from the airport. Don’t agree to ride with anyone who approaches you in the airport or outside the designated area, as these are most likely scammers. Once you’ve found the Athens Airport taxi area, look for a policeman or official, and they will direct you to an available airport taxi

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You should be able to get a taxi without any wait times if there is it will be around 15 to 30 minutes. To avoid long wait times we highly recommend to pre-book a taxi. Athens Airport taxi ™ offers booking ahead for rides into the city, which can be a more stress-free mode of transportation for families or larger groups. With the service, your driver can pick you up in the Arrivals area and take you to your destination. Using Athens Airport taxi ™ is a little pricier about 1 euro than just getting a taxi on the spot, but it comes with added conveniences; your driver can even bring you items like Greek SIM cards to you when you arrive. This service can also be useful in getting you back to the airport once you’ve finished your trip.

Rides from Athens airport to the city center are regulated by a fixed price, so any driver trying to charge you more would be doing so illegally. The flat rates are €40 between 5:00am and midnight, and €55 from midnight to 5:00am. Keep in mind that these rates are decided by the time that you arrive at your destination. So if you arrive at your hotel past midnight, you will be charged the higher rate. The flat rate includes all luggage and other fees. These rates don’t apply to destinations outside the city center, however. In that case, you will be charged the metered rate. When the enter the car, the driver should turn on the meter regardless of your destination, but at the end of the ride, you should still be charged the flat rate if you are dropped off in the city center.

Taxis provide a quick and simple way to get a ride to your hotel from the Athens airport. If you keep an eye out for scammers, and head to the designated taxi area, you should be able to catch a ride with no hassle whatsoever.

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Athens Airport Taxi Fare Information

Athens Airport Taxi pricesDay time
(05:00 - 24:00)
Night time
(00:00 - 05:00)
Athens Airport (ATH) - Athens City
Center inner ring
40 €55 €25 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Piraeus Port55 €70 €45 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Rafina Port35 €50 €20 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Lavrio Marina47 €65 €30 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Glyfada32 €40 €20 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Loutraki
90 €150 €1h 25min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Alimos Marina35 €50 €35 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Pallini26 €37 €15 min
Athens Airport (ATH - Delphi -
221 €289 €135 min
Athens Airport (ATH) to Nafplio189 €247 €120 min
Athens Airport (ATH) - Pilio or
250 €320 €2h 30min

Advantages of Using Athens Airport Taxis

Choosing a taxi for transportation from Athens Airport offers several benefits. These advantages are summarized in the table below:

ConvenienceTaxis are available 24/7 at the airport, offering immediate access right outside
ComfortTaxis provide a private, comfortable space to relax after a long flight.
Direct TransportDirectly travel to your destination without stops, unlike public transport options.
SpeedReach your destination faster, especially beneficial if you have a tight schedule.
SafetyLicensed taxis ensure a regulated, safer experience, especially late at night.
No SurprisesFixed fares to certain destinations prevent unexpected costs.

Utilizing a taxi from Athens Airport not only provides ease of access and comfort but also offers a reliable and efficient means of reaching your destination directly and safely. This makes taxis a favored choice for many travelers, particularly those who are visiting Athens for the first time or are on a tight schedule.

Tips To Avoid Taxi Scams In Athens

Athens Airport Taxi Deprtures
Athens Airport Taxi

Many tourists from around the world visit Greece’s capital city Athens to enjoy the centuries-old landmarks and get a sense of what life was like far back in history. Among the many instantly recognizable landmarks that people can visit at the Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of the Olympian Zeus, Lycabettus Hill, and much more — ideal spots for a picture-perfect vacation.

However, one of the biggest problems that can ruin a trip anywhere is crime and being cheated out of money, and sadly Athens is among those major cities that suffer from this negative global phenomenon. In particular, tourists visiting Athens need to be prepared against a long-running and highly problematic practice of taxi drivers scamming them out of more money.

Athens does have many reputable Athens Airport taxi companies and drivers who will get you safely to and from your destination, whether it’s making an airport connection or taking you to one of the city’s almost-countless landmarks. But unfortunately there remain a number of taxi drivers who will try to get you to part with extra cash, and it’s these tricks you need to be aware of.

Check out the useful guide below to get up to date on the kinds of scams that disreputable taxi drivers are pulling in Athens, and ways that you can identify and avoid them.

• Scamming you out of extra mileage for a higher fare

Perhaps the most common trick that bad drivers use is to try and trick you into paying more for the journey by claiming extra mileage. There are several ways that drivers try to do this, and one includes the driver offering to give you a flat fare instead of turning the meter on. This usually means the driver thinks he can make more money off the quoted fare than an actual meter reading, so don’t agree to this and demand they use the meter.

Even with the meter on it’s no guarantee that the driver won’t take an unnecessarily long route to get to your destination, which will drive up the mileage and therefore make the journey more expensive. Ways to avoid falling for this scam include printing off a map of the most direct route before your journey and demanding the driver use it, or alternatively using your smartphone’s GPS feature during the journey to make sure the driver isn’t taking you out of the way.

Because the extra mileage trick is so prevalent in Athens, it’s advisable to never pay your fare in advance. Always wait to see what the meter says at the end of the trip, and only pay that cost.

• Trying to pay you back less than you deserve

Another trick that drivers sometimes use is a sleight of hand almost like a magician; when it comes time to pay they will take notes from you and give you back change that is less than you are owed — and if you challenge it they will claim you are confused by the Euro currency.

The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure that you have a lot of smaller value Euro notes in your wallet, particularly a €5 note. When it comes time to pay you should say aloud the number of each note you are handing the driver until you reach the amount that you owe them. And you should carefully count how much they give you back to avoid being underpaid.

• Only get in official licensed Athens Airport taxis

This can be a particular problem at the airport; unlicensed taxis trying to lure customers with prices that they claim are lower than the other companies. Beware that unlicensed taxis are unlikely to have insurance, so if you get in an accident you could be facing major expenses. And because they are unlicensed they are more likely to try overcharging you.

The easiest way to avoid getting in the wrong type of taxi at the airport is to follow the signs for the designated taxi waiting area. In Athens itself, most taxis can be waved down. To find an authorized taxi look for the cars that are painted yellow and use meters that are working. Never get in another vehicle in which the driver claims that they are actually a taxi.

• Taking you to another location against your will

Yet another trick that dishonest taxi drivers try to pull on unwitting tourists is to try taking you to another location other than the hotel, restaurant or venue you want to go to. Typically the drivers do this because they have some kind of financial benefit from drumming up extra business at whatever hotel or other business that they try to persuade you to visit.

These kinds of drivers can be very persuasive and try to make you think you are getting a bargain, but they are almost always simply taking you for their own financial gain and the new location will probably cost at least the same, if not more, as your original destination. So be wary of this trick and simply demand to be taken to whatever destination you first requested.

Should the driver refuse and the car doors are unlocked then you can always exit the vehicle before the journey starts, or leave when the car is stopped at a traffic light. If the driver becomes belligerent when you ask them to take you to your original location, threaten to report them and, if necessary, call the Greek emergency telephone number which is 1571.

• Dress casually to avoid becoming a noticeable target

A good general tip to remember when traveling around Athens as a tourist, and particularly for when dealing with dishonest taxi drivers, is to dress casually. Taxi scammers are on the lookout for tourists in fine clothing who they think will have lots of money and be easier to cheat. If you dress down and blend in with other tourists and locals you are less likely to be spotted as a potential target by these drivers, even if you get in their vehicle for a ride.

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Athens Airport Taxi FAQ

Typically, the drive will take about 40 minutes from start to finish, although you may have to add a few minutes for waiting at the airport before a Athens Airport taxi is available. The total driving time can be shorter at quiet times like late or night or longer at busy periods including rush hour.

The designated Athens Airport taxi pickup area is located just outside of Exit 3 of the terminal’s arrivals level and there are signs guiding the way, or an airport representative can give you directions.

If you are traveling to the inner ring of the city center then you will pay a flat fare, which varies depending on whether you are traveling during the day or at night. The daytime fare of €40 is effective from 5am until midnight daily, and the nighttime fare of €55 lasts from midnight to 5am.

For other destinations, the taxi driver could charge you using a distance-based meter, which means that your fare will increase in price the further that you travel. The exact cost will depend on exactly where you are traveling in the region, so it can be hard to predict the fare.

Some Athens Airport taxi drivers that use the meter will take you on an unnecessarily long route to your destination so that they can increase the fare. To prevent this, look up the fastest route in advance of your taxi ride and print this off and make sure the driver follows the directions.

There are no laws that require you to tip your airport taxi driver but it is considered a nice gesture to give them a few Euros in notes or coins as a thank you, if you think the ride you received was fairly charged and was safe, fast and comfortable. Bu you should not leave any tip if you believe you were overcharged or you have any other problem with the ride.

Yes, taxis are available every day, 24 hours of each day, at Athens Airport so you will be able to get a ride, but your waiting time might be longer depending on the hour of day you need one.

No, these are unlicensed drivers who try to scam tourists by claiming they will provide a discounted ride, only to end up charging them much more than a regular Athens Airport taxi. And if the car gets into an accident, you likely won’t be covered by any insurance to pay for potential medical bills.

The only taxis that are allowed to pick up passengers at Athens Airport will all be waiting by Exit 3 of the arrivals level, and they are all painted yellow with a “TAXI” sign on the roof.

Yes, Uber is available here, so once you have arrived and gone through passport control and collected your bags, just open the Uber app on your smartphone or other device, type in your destination in Athens and then request a ride. The app will give you an estimated price and arrival time for your trip, and it will tell you where to go at the airport to meet your driver.