Transportation options to Athens City

There are a few transportation options that tourists can use to get to Athens City from the Athens International Airport. If you are planning to sight-see in Athens then there is virtually no need to rent a car; Athens is a great city for pedestrians as many of the beautiful sights are in close proximity.

There are in essence three transportation options available to help you get from the airport and into Athens – taxis, buses and the metro.


The taxi terminal is located just outside the airport arrivals terminal. It is important to have your hotel name written in Greek and once you board a taxi remember to ask the driver to reset the meter. However, bear it in mind that taxi charges still vary quite considerably.

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Express bus

The express bus station is located just in front of the Athens Airport. The express bus X95 that goes directly to the Syntagma square. There is also the X93 that goes directly to the Kifissos main bus station for 5 Euros. It takes approximately forty-five minutes to one hour to get to Kifissos. In total, there are around five bus lines that operate from the Athens International Airport.

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The metro is another transportation option available at the Athens International Airport. It is quite easy to use and the charges are very consistent.

The train station is connected to the airport although one will require to go a level up from arrivals using an elevator and cross over a pedestrian bridge. You are required to purchase a ticket from the station desk for about 6 Euros per person.

One of the main advantages of using the metro is the fact that there are discounts for every additional person. For example, you will only pay 10 Euros for two people, or 15 Euros for three people, and the metro is free to all users on Sundays until 2pm.

The metro serves the following stations from the Athens International Airport: Doukissis, Halandri, Ethiniki Amina, Katehaki, Panormou, Ambekolipi, Evagelismos, Syntagma and Monastiraki.

It takes 30 minutes to get to Syntagma and 60 minutes to get to Piraeus from the airport. The first train leaves the airport at 6:30AM while the last train leaves at 11:30PM. The first train to the airport from Monastiraki leaves at 5:51AM and the last one leaves at 10:51PM.

Without a doubt, there are quite a number of transportation options in Athens, both public and private, to ensure that visitors can navigate through the city sights with very little trouble.

– Tickets are sold at the automatic ticket machines installed at all metro stations as well as at the ticket booths.

– Ticket validation should be done before heading the platforms at the validation machines.