Athens Airport Terminals

At the Athens International Airport, you will currently find two passenger terminals that are used for incoming and outgoing flights. There is one main terminal which handles the bulk of the traffic, and another satellite terminal that is linked to the main buildings by an underground tunnel. The airport is currently going through a transition period of expansion, during which they plan to add accommodations to allow for up to 50 million people to pass through the airport on an annual basis. These expansions are being completed in 6 total phases.

Main Terminal

The main terminal is the biggest terminal that handles most of the traffic that comes through the airport. This terminal contains over 140 check-in desks and there are three levels that make up the terminal. One of the levels is dedicated for arrivals, another is for departures, and the third level is dedicated for the food court. The level that contains the food court is well-known for having beautiful views of the airport available.

The terminal is also home to several accommodations for the passengers such as 14 jet bridges and over 10 conveyor belts that help you to find your luggage easily. This terminal is currently undergoing expansion and renovation to allow for more passengers to pass through the airport without additional delay. The expansion will see 18 more check-in desks to the terminal and also feature a shopping area and private lounges for the comfort and convenience of the passengers.

Satellite Terminal

The satellite terminal is much smaller, but still is able to serve a significant number of passengers each year. This terminal consists of two separate terminals. One of the terminals is dedicated to serving those who are arriving at the airport and the other is dedicated for those who are departing. The satellite terminal may sound like it would be hard to reach, but the Athens airport has actually made it easy by connecting it to the main building using a tunnel that is underground. The tunnel contains moving walkways for convenience and has 10 jet bridges. It can handle an annual volume of up to 6 million passengers.

Athens Airport Terminals FAQ

There is an underground tunnel linking the two buildings and you can make the journey on foot with the help of moving walkways or ask an airport staff member to provide assistance.

You will find dozens of choices within the airport terminals where you can get something to eat or a beverage, ranging from sit-down restaurants to casual cafés and fast food places.

There are baby changing facilities that can be found in the terminals, so either ask an airport staffer to point you in the right direction or follow the signs guiding you to these rooms.

Yes, you will get to see a very large range of many shops offering all types of items to buy including fashion and beauty accessories, Greek produce, electronics and telecommunications, newspapers and books, snacks, beverages, toys and much more.

You will find a good selection of perfumes, cosmetics, liquor and other items for sale in the Duty Free shopping section of the main terminal. And there is a service allowing you to browse the items for sale online and place your order in advance to collect once you’re at the airport.

If you need to drive your vehicle to the airport then you can find either short-term or long-term parking selections and these are situated near to the main terminal building.

There is a first aid section at the airport that is open 24 hours each day in case of any medical emergencies, as well as a medical center you can visit from 8am to 6pm daily, and also a pharmacy that is typically open from 6am through to midnight each day.

Several banks are available that have ATMs and other services, and they include Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Euronet, HSBC, and National Bank as well as Piraeus Bank.

Yes, in the main terminal you can find several lounges in the departures area, and these include the Aegean Business Loung, Goldair Handling, the Lufthansa Business Lounge Skyserv Handling Services and the Swissport Lounge, but entry to some of these may be limited.