Parking near the Athens airport

At the Athens airport, you can find both short term parking as well as long term parking. You will be able to go for the right parking facilities based on your needs. Short term parking is offered to you at the parking lots P1 and P2. You will be able to access these parking lots from just a two minute walk from the terminal building. It is also important to keep in mind that the first 20 minutes of parking is offered to you completely for free.

Long term parking facilities are offered at the Parking Lot P3. This parking lot provides a 24-hour customer support service as well. You will be able to access the parking lot via a free shuttle bus from the airport. You can also access it by food. For that, you will need to use the pedestrian bridge. Both these options would take around 10 minutes for you to get to the parking slot. In case if you are parking in the P3 parking lot, you need to take a note of the letter, number and color of the sign related to the position that is parked. If you are driving an electric vehicle, you will be able to charge the vehicles from the charger in P2 parking lot. You don’t need to make an extra payment to use this charger. In case if you can reserve a parking space in advance, you will be able to save lots of time and money.